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This the season for fun, family, friends and a warming temperatures!   One of the best ways to escape the warm weather while still getting out of your place is to head to the beaches, islands which’s Patong Tour Company can assist you! Whether you want to get lost from the busiest day in a day packages, Join us today!!, we are everything for you also meet your expectation as our long years experience on tour provider, just let us know what would you like? Where would you go?
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ThingS To Do in Phuket

Phuket Tour

 Phi Phi Island Tour by Cruise
phi-phi-island-cruise Phi Phi Island tours will take you for great sightseeing, swimming and snorkeling at Phi Phi island by Cruise Boat.offer a great laid back tropical life style. Soak up the sun, go beach hopping or simply enjoy the great outdoors in some of the most beautiful scenery in Asia..<<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 950 THB         Child 850 THB
 Phi Phi Island Tour by Speed Boat “(Free Entry into National Parks)”
phi-phi-speed-boat-cover Once in the life to visit Phi Phi Island names as a paradise on earth. Would you bring fantastic memories back home or a nightmare? Join us for an “Unforgettable experience” with safe journey, profession service, and brand new speed boat which’s waiting for you at a top five luxurious piers in Phuket.<<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 1,600 THB         Child 1,400 THB
 Phi Phi Island + Bamboo Island by Speed Boat “(Free Entry into National Parks)”
phi-phi-bamboo-island Bamboo Island – Don’t miss a visit here!This is indeed a beautiful island with white and smooth sand, emerald sea and clear water.Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, great to take some amazing photos, it’s a terrific time to spend a day trip at Bamboo Island.It’s just ideal for a fantastic place <<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 2,300 THB         Child 2,100 THB


SIMILAN ISLAND TOUR Similan Islands Tour by Speed Boat
phi phi island S i m i l a n   I s l a n d s   T o u r   are wonderful, all the islands are so rich in marine life, clarity that u can see 30 meters deep in sea water which color turtle is sitting on the rock,yeah you get so close to marine life by snorkeling itself,<<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 2,400 THB         Child 2,000 THB
KO TACHAI ISLAND TOUR Ko Tachai Island Tour by Speed Boat
Phi Phi Bamboo It’s new destination mostly for tourists!  If you want to know why more and more people talked about this island a lot. If you never visit here, never know what’s special? The first arrive on Ko Tachai Island, <<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 2,900 THB         Child 1,900 THB
raya-island-phuket Heaven for Diving, a simply place on earth. It’s really breathtaking.Only 30 minutes by speed boat from Phuket.Looking to take off of Phuket to a little island. Racha Yai is stunningly beautiful,<<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 1,200 THB         Child 1,000 THB

 James Bond Island Tour by Longtail Boat “(Free Entry into National Parks)”
jame bond longtail boat The unforgettable experience to travel by a traditional long tail boat will bring you along to the famous James Bond Island. The scenery is   such a peaceful journey you can enjoy the nature out there (good chance of spotting eagles) and have a relaxing and peaceful day.<<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 1,300 THB         Child 1,100 THB
 James Bond Island Tour by Luxury Boat “(Free Entry into National Parks)”
jame bond island luxury boat James Bond Island Daily Tour, a must visit trip to Phang Nga Bay is often at the top of many tourist list of things to do while on holiday in Phuket. Known originally and locally as Ko Tapu or Nail Island this trip is one of the most popular trips in Phuket.<<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 1,500 THB         Child 1,300 THB
 James Bond Island Tour by Speed Boat  “(Free Entry into National Parks)”
jame-bond-island-by-speed-boat James Bond Island Sea Canoe Tour by Speed boat  cut down on travelling time and is often the best excursions and Day trips options for making the most of sightseeing and Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay National park. <<READ MORE >>
::   Adult 1,800 THB         Child 1,600 THB
phuket-big-buddha1 Just let us know for your location,itinerary and start time. We’ll provide you with a licensed tour guide and comfortable climate controlled transportation. And remember, if you see something you like on your tour…just yell STOP! Our Tour Guides and drivers are ready to change on a dime per your requests.<<READ MORE >>
::   Total price 1,500/Car for 4 Hours.


PHUKET ADVENTURE TOURS Elephant Trekking Tour 30 mins.
Elephant-Trekking Are you looking for a little adventure during your holiday? If you are, then how about a ride on an elephant? Where else will you have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed ride on mountain<<READ MORE >>
:: Adult 700 THB         Child 600 THB
   Phuket ATV Tour 60 mins.
phuket-atv-tour Phuket ATV bikes are fully automatic, safe and easy to operate. There is no prior riding experience needed to join our one of a kind tour. After safety briefings and operations orientations both beginners and experienced riders will be practicing on an easy track to get a feel for the ATV bikes.<<READ MORE >>
:: Riders 1,200 THB         Passengers 1,100 THB